About COAB

Founded in 1992, the Canadian Organic Advisory Board Inc. (COAB) is a non-profit advisory body that speaks for the welfare of stakeholders in the organic sector all throughout Canada.

COAB facilitates partnerships among collaborators within the organic industry and government agencies that have participated in the development of organic standards and certification process.

Since the first board of directors were elected in 1992, COAB has had strong provincial representation.  COAB was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1996. Today, the board had developed a well-established set of bylaws and an administrative process that is reviewed annually at general meetings across Canada.


As an industry-driven organization, COAB’s mission is to assist in the development and promotion of a national standard for organic agriculture, and to develop a system for certification to the new National Standard of Canada for Organic Agriculture.

This process is designed to assure consumers and diverse stakeholders within the Canadian organic agricultural sector that agri-foods certified with the Canada Organic –  Biologique Canada certification mark follow the requirements of the National Standard.

COAB is also currently under the process of developing its capability as a national certification body and is seeking  accreditation by  the Standards Council of Canada under  the new guidelines of ISO/IEC Guide 65.

This process of review, licensing of a universal label or certification seal, and developing a national certification capability is being designed to provide consumers in Canada and abroad  with the assurance that organic food products are produced and processed in accordance to the National Standard.


to facilitate the continued growth and development of the Canadian organic sector, through leadership, communication and knowledge;

to promote and maintain a national organic standard for the production and processing of organic foods, and

to provide a world-recognized umbrella certification system for ensuring adherence to the National Standard.