Why You Should Always Buy Local Food

By | May 27, 2019

Why You Should Always Buy Local Food


With the highly noticeable increase in food costs at the local supermarket in the past year – buying local can take away some of the high dollar sting. Because you are buying directly from the farmer, many of the “middle man” costs are eliminated (or at least reduced) so that you can purchase the same produce for less.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a wide spectrum of foods (and other goods) at your local farmer’s market. From asparagus to popcorn, from candles to jewelry, from meat to plants…it’s all there for purchase – made by people in your community. Depending on your location, the farmer’s market season can be quite long, which makes the variety even greater as you move through the seasons.

fruits and veggies health benefitsHealth Benefits

Antioxidants galore is what you’ll get when you pick foods from the color spectrum; blue, red, orange, purple, green…all colors should be represented. Each color represents a different antioxidant, which serves a different purpose in your body from helping to fight off some cancers to providing anti-inflammatory properties. Many of the fruits and vegetables also provide loads of fiber which is important for our cardiovascular health as well as gut health. Not to mention the wide variety of vitamins and minerals you will be appreciating. The key is that all of the benefits that are held within in each fruit and vegetable work together to form a synergistic effect. Meaning that they all feed off of each other to do what they need to do. That’s why pulling single nutrients out and taking them as a supplement may not provide us with the assumed result.

Local Support

Buying from your local farmer helps to ensure that they can continue to farm the land they have and bring us the wonderfully nutritious and delicious produce they have been for years.

Environmentally Friendly

With the increase in awareness about our environment, it’s so important to realize that by visiting your local farmer’s market, you are in essence helping to preserve a piece of earth. Did you know that the average fruit or vegetable on your dinner plate has traveled around 1,500 miles to get there? Instead, think of the decrease in those emissions when the farmers down the street drive up to the market and in turn, we only have to travel down the road. Hundreds (even thousands) of miles are cut – which, of course reduces the emissions.

How To Find

Farmers' markets

A lot of times you can do a search on the web for local farmer’s markets by state and county. You can also check with your local University Extension office for more information. There are usually many different locations and times that the farmer’s market is available from weekends to weekdays, mornings, afternoons and evenings. Seek one out and enjoy the many rewards coming your way.

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