What is Organic and Why Does it Matter?

By | January 17, 2019

organic food benefits

A lot of shoppers have probably noticed more and more “organic” labels and sections in the supermarket over the past few years. In the produce section, in the meat department, and even in the freezer section, more and more foods are being certified as organic. So what exactly is all the hype? What does it mean if something is labeled organic?

What Organic Food is

Organic food includes not only plants that are grown in a particular way, but also the way in which animals are raised. Organic plants are grown without the use of chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers. While there are organic fertilizers and pesticides, they don’t involve the use of toxic chemicals. Some organic farmers use the simplest of pesticides, such as ladybugs! Fertilizers that are used don’t involve chemicals and also avoid sewage sludge.

Organic meat comes from animals that have been raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. Further, animals that are certified as organic are typically healthier than animals grown in commercial feed lots. These animals usually eat safer food which means that consumers down the road are eating healthier food as well. Finally, animals that come from organic farms are usually treated more humanely than animals from commercial farms.

organic farmingOrganic farming practices ensure that vegetables, fruits, and other plants have not been contaminated by chemicals. The soil is also non-toxic, the water supply is clean, and the air is free of clouds of chemicals. Organic farming means too that the farmers are caring for their environment.

Foods that are labeled organic must be certified by the appropriate agencies. It must meet particular standards, so consumers know that what they’re buying is what it says it is.

Why Eating Organic Food is a Good Idea for One’s Family

Organic food, first of all, has numerous health benefits as discussed above. It is environmentally sound and is healthier for the environment. In the case of meat products, it is also better for the animals that are raised on these farms.

There are other reasons why eating organic food makes sense. Most organic farms are small when compared to commercial farms. They are usually run by smaller families making an honest living. The money paid for these foods directly supports these small farmers.

How to Buy Organic Food

why buying organic food mattersToday, most supermarkets have organic food sections. Consumers need only look for the labels that say the food is organic. Farmer’s markets will usually sell lots of organic food as well.

For customers who want to be assured that their organic food hasn’t been contaminated in any way by commercial foods, check out stores that sell only organic foods, so you can be satisfied that anything they buy at that store is organic.

Organic is the Way to Go

Whether one is growing his own garden, supporting the local farmer’s market, or buying fruit from the organic section at the grocery store, he can feel better knowing that organic food is a healthy, humane, environmentally-friendly way to go.

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